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Customize A Bag Through Our Exchange Program

Take advantage of our innovative sail exchange program to give the sails on your ship a new purpose. Our company in NYC established this sail to bag exchange program to help accomplished sailors find a new purpose for their older sails. Once your sail has been taken down for good, we give it a second life by transforming it into a durable bag that can serve you well on future voyages.

Sailors are a sentimental lot, and always look for some way to take a piece of an old sail with them after it has served them well for years. Instead of simply throwing this valuable and memorable resource away, give us a change to transform it into a useful bag that looks great as well. Those colors may have faded in the sun, but their service to you is far from over.

Give your sail a second life through our creative exchange program. Our company can create a bag that fits your lifestyle and reminds you of your adventures on the high seas wherever life may have taken you. Take a piece of your sail on a long hike, and make any fishing trip a success with a new duffel bag created with care. Through our exchange program, you can choose any style of bag you wish. We can even take extra care to include your sail numbers – or any part of the sail when creating your bag!

A Sentimental Keepsake Unlike Any Other

Reduce your impact on the environment and get an attractive bag that can withstand the abuse that your active life. With a new sailbag crafted with materials from your retired sail, you can carry on the memories that those sails made possible. These sentimental keepsakes are useful and they won’t cost you a fortune to purchase.

No matter what type of material your sail was manufactured with, our craftsmen are capable of transforming it into something that people will ask you about. We only employ true New Yorkers who understand the lasting value of a sturdy sail.

Carry your schoolbooks everywhere, and haul all of your sailing essentials ashore with ease when you have one of our customized totes and duffel bags. Unlike many of the other bags on the market today, our products are not overpriced. We are focused on providing you with bags and other accessories that look great and last for years to come.

A Responsible Approach to Storage

Start a conversation with one of our design professionals, and learn more about our groundbreaking process for reclaiming old sails. Protect the environment and reduce your impact on our local landfills by taking advantage of this innovative and affordable process for creating new bags.

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